Service Philosophy

Customers are always right, everyone is a server

Our development of AUYAN is inseparable from the support and love of our customers.

The customers advocated by AUYAN are always right. The first emphasis is on an attitude towards the person in charge of the client. No matter what kind of requirements the customer puts forward, even if it is a non-concealed martyrdom, we must first hold a good attitude to communicate with the customer, and then objectively and calmly analyze, this is always the right customer. However, through objective analysis, if it is found that some unsuitable and inappropriate requirements are made because of the customer's unprofessionality, then AUYAN has the responsibility and obligation to use its own professional and service to guide customers correctly and provide customized whole customers. The solution is to create value for the customer, maximize the customer and our interests, and achieve mutual prosperity and win-win.

Everyone who advocates is a service provider, which means that we are a team. All of us have the consciousness of thinking for our customers. We must not have the idea that "something does not matter." As long as the customer has a demand, no matter who is docked, they should be treated as their own customers. This is an AUYAN-specific service attitude, and all members should deeply understand and practice.

Moreover, everyone advocated by AUYAN is a service provider, not only for external customers, but also for internal employees. Internal staff, we emphasize that we are a team, serve each other, I am everyone, everyone is me, everyone learns from each other, mutual benefit. This requires each employee to have an enhanced overall service capability and be able to have multiple service capabilities in addition to their professional service capabilities.

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