LNG car cylinder
Vehicle LNG Cylinder

        AUYAN Technology "cars as the core system matching and optimization", the technical support and process guarantee provided by LAMARUNIVERSITY of the United States, LNG cylinders have "one long four high" (long holding time, high stability, high economy, high reliability , high security) product advantages.

        AUYAN Technology LNG vehicle intelligent air supply system is widely used in medium and heavy trucks, bus passenger vehicles and construction machinery with LNG as fuel. Long holding time, high safety performance, high reliability, long time for safety valve pressure relief, less gas discharge, vacuum and main parts warranty for 24 months. At present, our company's product market share has reached 30%, of which Futian Daimler-Ouman's share of 70%, liberation share of 55%, Shaanxi Automobile's share of 40%, is in the leading position in the industry.

        The company adheres to the product design concept of “taking the car as the core, system matching and optimization” and “the most understanding of the use of heavy-duty truck users”, and strives to provide customers with safe, high-quality, low-cost, high-quality LNG vehicle air supply system. Since the establishment of the company, it has organized various departments to conduct market research and explore potential customers' needs and solve customer pain points. It has promoted the large-volume gas cylinder (750/850/995), large-capacity gas cylinder (bold 995) and ultra-lightweight frame, providing customers with easy operation, maintenance cost, safe and reliable quality. The product.

        The company's ultra-lightweight gas supply system matching the 995L gas cylinder and aluminum alloy frame has passed the CAE analysis of the main engine factory, and the first one in the country passed the static simulation experiment (8g) and dynamic simulation experiment (10g) of Tianjin Automobile Research Institute. The current products have promoted 11 OEMs and expanded 20 models.

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