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Dewar instruction manual

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First, the external structure of Dewar: Dewar has four valves in general, namely liquid use valve, gas use valve, vent valve, pressure booster valve. There are also gas pressure gauges and level gauges.

Second, the first step is to connect the pipe of the Dewar liquid valve to the evaporator with a high-pressure metal hose. After confirming the connection, the liquid use valve can be opened. If the gas pressure to the place of use does not meet the requirements for use, please open The pressure booster valve will wait a few minutes for the pressure to rise and meet the requirements for use. Ready to use. When there is no liquid phase in the Dewar and the pressure in the gas phase is only 5kg, it means that the gas in the Dewar has been used up. Please close the liquid to use the valve and stop using it.

Third, the use of storage needs to pay attention to the problem:

1) When the dewar storage is not in use, remember not to open the booster valve. Be sure to check if the booster valve is closed, otherwise the gas in the bottle will leak.

2) After stopping use, be sure to remember that the open booster valve is to be closed, and the booster valve is only opened when it is used.

3) When the pressure booster valve is fully opened during use, the pressure drop of the Dewar pressure gauge is no longer increased, which means that there is no liquid phase in the tank only the gas phase.

The stainless steel Dewar produced by Aoyang Technology has been widely used in the field of heavy truck LNG cylinders due to its good thermal insulation performance. Aoyang Technology has established domestic famous heavy truck OEMs such as Jiefang, Shaanxi Auto, Auman, Beiben and Dayun. The long-term strategic partnership is one of the quality supporting suppliers of major heavy truck OEMs.

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