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Leaders of Zhucheng Municipal Committee and Municipal Government visited AUYAN Science and Technology Research and Guidance

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On August 7, 2017, Zhu Fu, Secretary of Zhucheng Municipal Party Committee led the municipal leadership team to Shandong AUYAN New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for research and guidance, and Mr. Su Wei, Chairman of AUYAN Group Company, accompanied him.

The research team visited the Ouyang gas cylinder factory assembly line and listened to the current report on the production capacity and output of the AUYAN gas cylinders, conducted on-the-spot inquiries on relevant issues, and asked the enterprises about the difficulties and problems in the construction process.

When visiting the on-board LNG cylinders, industrial dewars, and the “barrel of life” process used by the medical research and development, production and manufacture of AUYAN Technology, Mr. Sang fully affirmed that AUYAN Technology has been in LNG in recent years. The achievements in energy equipment can develop and create products with enterprise characteristics. I hope that AUYAN Technology will formulate a scientific industrial development plan in the future development, and clearly define the main direction, so as to highlight its own characteristics and create products with industry characteristics. .

At the same time, Sang Shuji encourages Aoyang Science and Technology to adhere to the drive of innovation, put innovation at the core of manufacturing development, do it hard, do it hard, strengthen independent innovation, accelerate technological transformation and expansion, optimize product structure, and continuously improve product technology content. And quality, to achieve industrial upgrading, enterprise transformation and upgrading, and further enlarge and strengthen the enterprise.

In recent years, through the adjustment of the industrial chain, the Orion Group has established a multi-disciplinary research and development team with complementary and professional collocation. And with Zhejiang University, Shandong University, the University of Tennessee, the European Fraunhofer Institute and other universities and research institutions have established a cooperative relationship, through industry, academia and research dedicated to the development of new technology and new materials and the transformation of LNG engineering applications, radiation surrounding The market and customers hope to provide more intimate services to local customers more efficiently. We also hope that more partners will cooperate with the Ouyang Group to achieve a win-win partnership.

Company Profile

Founded in June 2011, Shandong AUYAN New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“AUYAN Technology”) is a company specializing in cryogenic equipment manufacturing and full value chain operation services.

The company is mainly engaged in low-temperature equipment manufacturing (LNG gas cylinders, Dewar bottles, etc.), LNG gasification station construction, LNG equipment, LNG trade, LNG logistics supply, LNG heavy truck sales, and financial services and after-sales support. The demand for the value chain is the first enterprise in China to realize the organic combination of LNG full value chain operations.

The company currently develops and produces low-temperature equipment such as LNG cylinders for vehicles, welded insulated cylinders, biological tanks, LNG equipment, LNG gasification stations;

The company was rated as “Innovative Model Enterprise, High-Tech Enterprise”;

Has obtained A2, B4, GC2 production license qualifications;

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