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LNG filling station process

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Part I: General Process for LNG Filling Station Construction

The construction of natural gas gasification stations must be approved for construction and construction in accordance with relevant national construction regulations and procedures. The handling of the LNG refueling station's preliminary procedures is the prerequisite and necessary condition for the smooth implementation of the LNG refueling station construction, and is also the basis and guarantee for the LNG refueling station's late operation procedures.

The LNG filling station is different from the ordinary building. The construction process has to undergo a rigorous review. After the initial inspection of the construction is completed, it has been checked and accepted by the government and obtained the opinions of the relevant departments and the certificates issued. Preliminary procedures for the construction of LNG filling stations: project feasibility study report (or project proposal), project approval (NDRC), construction land approval, state-owned land use certificate (land and resources bureau), topographic survey map (with vectorized CD) , surveying and mapping unit), planning red line (planning bureau), geological survey report (surveying unit), construction drawing design (design unit), planning permit (planning bureau), construction drawing review opinion (city construction committee review plan office), construction Engineering Construction Permit (City Construction Committee), Construction Engineering Fire Protection Design Review Opinion (Fire Bureau), Safety Evaluation Report Approval (Safe Production Supervision Administration), Environmental Assessment Report Approval (Environmental Protection Bureau), Pressure Pipe Installation Safety Quality Supervision and Inspection Declaration form (Party A technical reporting unit), special equipment installation and renovation maintenance notice (after the construction unit declares the technical supervision unit, submit a copy to Party A to keep). Late LNG filling station construction procedures: construction project fire protection acceptance report (fire station), hazardous chemicals business license (safe production supervision bureau), pressure vessel product quality supervision and inspection report (autonomous region boiler pressure vessel quality and safety inspection institute) ), business license (industry and commerce bureau), enterprise organization code certificate (autonomous region quality and technology supervision bureau), lightning protection anti-static facilities inspection report (autonomous region product quality supervision and inspection office), pressure vessel use certificate, gas cylinder filling certificate (autonomous region) Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau), real estate licenses, etc.

First, site selection

(1) The construction unit is familiar with the policy and standard of building stations. It is close to the water, electricity and gas source in the urban area or the main road of transportation. It is close to the source of the vehicle and is convenient to refuel. It basically conforms to the urban planning and standard specifications in fire protection, environmental protection and safety. Request, initial election station address;

(2) Competent department, construction, planning, safety supervision, fire protection, environmental protection, design to site fixed point.

(3) Handling land acquisition procedures and land certificates in the Ministry of Land and Resources:

(4) Handling the planned land use permit and construction land permit in the planning department.

Second, the project

(1) The construction unit submits an application for station construction to the local industrial production and management department (NDRC);

(2) Provide corresponding materials: project report (project proposal), feasibility study report, site selection report;

(3) The competent department of industry or the National Development and Reform Commission approves the project.

Third, the design

(1) Before the preliminary design, the construction unit provides information to the design unit: topographic map of the site, natural gas temperament data, meteorological data, seismic data, water, electricity, gas source data, site scale, preliminary equipment selection, geological survey data, Environmental impact assessment report, cultural relics survey data, etc.

(2) Preliminary design of the design unit: general layout; single building (gas shed, station house, etc.) architectural style, style; LNG filling station renderings; main equipment configuration; total project cost; water, electricity, gas process Initially set up; indicate whether it meets national standards and urban planning; whether the fire protection, environmental protection, safety, etc. of LNG filling stations meet the standard requirements.

(3) Initial review: the competent department, the National Development and Reform Commission, construction, planning, fire protection, environmental protection, safety supervision, design, and the owners participate in the review;

(4) The competent department or the construction of the initial review opinion;

(5) Construction drawing design: According to this, the design unit will make the LNG filling station process, general plan, building, structure, electrical appliance, water supply and drainage, HVAC design, and the construction blueprint.

Fourth, the newspaper construction

(1) Initially report fire protection, environmental protection review, and issue approval opinions, and the safety supervision and management shall handle the safety three certificates at the same time;

(2) Initially set up a general plan (including fire, environmental protection, safety supervision and approval opinions) to report to the planning review, conduct surveys, and draw red lines;

(3) Planning and handling engineering planning licenses;

(4) Construction and handling of construction permit;

V. Construction

(1) Handling equipment, civil works, installation, water, electricity, gas engineering, supervision bidding, and signing contracts;

(2) Apply for a quality inspection power of attorney at the quality inspection station;

(3) Coping for contract verification in construction;

(4) Organize construction.

Sixth, acceptance

(1) Conducting a quality inspection of the project and issuing a quality inspection report;

(2) Conducting individual inspections such as fire protection, safety, environmental protection, and pressure vessels, and issuing a single acceptance report, a safety assessment report for hazardous chemicals, a lightning protection and antistatic test report, and an environmental protection test report;

(3) Handling chemical dangerous goods business licenses in the safety supervision department, handling pressure vessel use licenses and filling registration certificates at the Quality Supervision Bureau;

(4) The quality inspection department carries out verification and calibration on the gas filling machine, and the metering use license is issued;

(5) Employees go to relevant departments for technical training and obtain employment certificates;

(6) Trial operation, acceptance, rectification and improvement;

(7) Before comprehensive acceptance: The construction unit prepares to apply for the completion acceptance report, relevant approval documents, design materials, construction materials, completion data, quality inspection materials, supervision materials, material test materials, financial final accounts, management systems, and emergency handling plans for accident handling. And other relevant information.

(8) The competent department presides over the construction committee, planning, fire protection, environmental protection, security, quality supervision, experts and design and construction units to participate in the completion acceptance report;

(9) Handling the gas business license in the industry management department, the business license of the public administration administrative department, and the gas management department to apply for the qualification certificate of the burning;

(10) Production and operation.

Part II: List of LNG filling station approval process

Step procedure content Approval agency approval requires relevant material approval documents or certificate name

1 project

City (County) Development and Reform Commission A, project application

B. Project proposal (feasibility study report)

A. "Reply on the project proposal"

B. "Reply to agree to XX Gas Co., Ltd."

2 enterprise name approval

Regional Industry and Commerce Bureau A, "Reply on Project Proposal / Feasibility Study Report"

B. "Reply on XX Gas Co., Ltd."

"Reply on the Name of XX Gas Co., Ltd."

3 agency code

Technical Supervision Bureau of the Region and Area A, “Reply on Project Proposal/Feasibility Study Report”

B. "Reply on XX Gas Co., Ltd."

C. “Reply on the Name of XX Gas Co., Ltd.”

Institutional Code Certificate

4 capital verification

Local accounting firm

A, bank account, capital verification

B, official seal

"Verification report"

5 business license

Industry and Commerce Bureau

A. "Reply on the Name of XX Gas Co., Ltd."

B. "Institutional Code Certificate"

C. Capital Verification Report

Business license (preparation period)

6 feasibility study report review

Audit committee

A. Feasibility Study Report

B. “Application Report on the Evaluation of the Feasibility Study Report by the Unit”

Review opinions of local and regional development and reform commissions (red head documents)

7 determine the site

A. Planning Administration (Department of Planning, Construction Bureau)

B. Public Security Fire Station A, "Red Map of Land Use"

B. "Station area design map" A, "Construction land use permit"

B. "Fire Approval"

Appraisal of the preliminary design of the 8-station area (EIA) Local qualified environmental assessment unit

Preliminary Design Plan

A. "EIA Report"

B. "Preliminary Design Plan Approval Form"

9 safety supervision review

Local or regional safety supervision bureau

A. "Station area design map"

B. "Safety Review Report"

"Announcement or Opinions"

10 construction land

Local Construction Committee Planning Division

A. "Reply approval"

B. Planning and Design Institute "Station Area Planning Plan"

C. Exploration and Design Institute "Address Exploration Report"

Construction Engineering Planning Permit

11 land acquisition

Land and Resources Bureau

A. "Business License"

B. Construction Land License

A. "Land Transfer Contract"

B. "State-owned land use certificate"

12 bank account opening

XX Bank

A. "Business License"

B. "Organization Code Certificate"

C. Capital Verification Report

D, official seal

E, reservation seal

Basic Account Opening Permit

13 statistical registration

Bureau of Statistics

A, "Organization Code Certificate"

B. "Business License"

Statistical Card

14 construction project planning permit

Planning Authority (Design Bureau of the Construction Bureau)

A. "Red Map of Land Use"

B. Site construction drawing and construction drawing planning review opinions

C. Construction Engineering Planning Approval Form

Construction Engineering Planning Permit

15 gas project construction approval

Construction Committee Gas Office

A. "Business License"

B. Other documents required

Gas Project Construction Approval

16 fire design approval

Public security fire station

A. Development and Reform Commission project approval document

B, project approval map

C. "State-owned land use certificate"

"Fire Design Approval Opinion"

17 start approval

Regional Gas Office or Technical Supervision Bureau Special Equipment Division

A. Construction Engineering Planning Permit

B. "Design Contract, Qualification"

C. Construction Contract, Qualification

D. "Supervisory Contract, Qualification" A, "Gas Pipeline Routing Planning"

B. Construction Construction Permit

18 price approval

Location price bureau

A. Price approval application report

B, related documents

C, surrounding standard data

Price Approval Document

19 temporary occupation of municipal and urban management

A. Construction Engineering Planning Permit

B. Construction Construction Permit and Temporary Road Occupation Permit

20 pressure vessel local and regional technical supervision bureau related drawings and materials "pressure vessel use certificate" (to handle pressure vessel registration)

21 fire inspection and acceptance of public security fire department related completion data "firefighting acceptance certificate"

22 Fire Safety Public Security Fire Station "Fire Acceptance Certificate" "Fire and Safety License for Flammable and Explosive Dangerous Goods"

23 Station Area Completion Acceptance Construction Committee, Technical Supervision Bureau, Gas Office “Completion Information”, “Acceptance Report”, “Qualification Opinions on Gas Station Construction”

24 Gas Management Committee, Regional Gas Office, Provincial Gas Office “Design and Construction Supervision Data Qualification” Completion Materials and Acceptance Qualification Opinions and other materials “Gas Operation Permit” or “Automobile Refueling Franchise License”

25 Replacement of Business License Industrial and Commercial Bureau A, "Gas Business License"

B. Business license for business license such as preparation period

26 Tax registration National Taxation and Taxation Bureau related materials tax registration certificate

Part III: Notice on the Implementation of the Interim Measures for the Administration of Examination and Approval of the Construction of Vehicle Gas LNG Refueling Stations in Beijing

All districts, counties, bureaus, head offices, and related units:

In order to control air pollution, accelerate the development of gas vehicles, and ensure the safe and orderly construction of vehicle gas LNG filling stations, the following is the notification of the construction approval management of the vehicle gas LNG filling station in our city. Please follow the instructions.

1. The construction, reconstruction and expansion of vehicle gas LNG filling stations in the administrative area of the city shall be in accordance with the requirements of the overall construction planning of the vehicle gas LNG filling station in this Municipality, following the safety first, reasonable layout, and ensuring gas supply. The principle of easy refueling.

2. All newly built, rebuilt and expanded vehicle gas LNG filling stations, regardless of their size, shall be declared by the competent department of the construction unit to the Municipal Planning Commission according to the basic construction. According to the application materials, the Municipal Planning Commission will jointly examine and approve the municipal municipal management committee, planning bureau, environmental protection bureau, fire station and other relevant departments.

3. The construction of gas-fired LNG filling stations for vehicles shall comply with the technical specifications and policies and regulations of the departments of transportation, environmental protection, technical supervision, labor, fire protection, and public utilities. The completed gas LNG filling station for vehicles must be put into operation after being inspected by fire, labor, technical supervision, public utilities and other relevant departments.

4. Before the business unit goes through the procedures for industrial and commercial registration, it shall obtain the qualification approval of the gas industry management department and handle the “LNG LNG filling station operation permit”.

V. Construction management of vehicle gas LNG filling stations shall implement the “City Gas Safety Management Regulations”, “City Gas Management Measures” and “City Gas Enterprise Qualification Management Regulations” jointly promulgated by the relevant departments of the State Council, and shall refer to the petrol filling station. Construction management regulations.

6. This notice shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation.

Beijing Municipal Planning Commission

Beijing Municipal Administration Committee

July 1, 1999

Annex I

Submission of materials submitted by the project

1. Apply to the Municipal Planning Commission for a report on the project;

2. Report to the municipal municipal management committee for construction;

3. "Report on the Construction of Gas LNG Refueling Station for Automobiles";

4. The construction land planning permit or the state-owned land use permit for the land required for the project, or the construction project planning permit that was previously approved for building the house;

5. Description plan of the proposed project;

6. Plan layout of LNG filling station;

2.1/2000 or 1/500 topographic maps (one of which is drawn out of the land by pencil);

8. Units that are not landowners to construct LNG filling stations shall provide relevant agreements signed between the constructor and the landowners;

9. The gas supply agreement signed between the construction unit and Beijing LPG Company;

Annex II

approval procedure

1. The social construction station shall submit the application materials to the Municipal Public Security Bureau. The public security bureau will report to the municipal municipal management committee for preliminary examination.

The municipal management committee system bureau and the special station of the head office shall be reported to the municipal management committee for preliminary examination by the bureaus and the head office.

2. After the initial review, the Municipal Planning Commission, the Municipal Management Committee, the Planning Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Fire Bureau and other relevant departments jointly work together for approval.

Part IV: Operational Qualification Standards for Beijing Automobile Gas LNG Refueling Stations (Trial)

1. To strengthen the operation and management of the city's automotive gas LNG filling station, ensure the safe use of vehicle gas, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the vehicle gas LNG filling station, according to the Beijing Municipal People's Government, Beijing Clean Fuel Vehicle Regulations for the Administration of LNG Refueling Stations (Order No. 31 of 1999), in accordance with the actual conditions of this Municipality, this standard was formulated.

2. This standard is applicable to all types of enterprises engaged in the business activities of automobile gas LNG filling stations in the administrative area of Beijing.

3. The automobile gas LNG filling station referred to in this standard refers to an inflatable business service unit that provides natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other vehicle gas for motor vehicles (including ships).

4. All types of enterprises engaged in the operation of gas LNG filling stations shall have the following conditions:

4.1 Fixed sites and communication tools that are compatible with the scale of operations;

4.24 or more management personnel with professional titles above the gas, equipment, economy, etc., of which no less than 2 persons in the engineering series title;

4.3 Operators and equipment maintenance personnel who are suitable for the scale of operation, and obtained the post certificate issued by Beijing Municipal Administration Committee;

4.4 Have necessary maintenance equipment, tools, fire-fighting equipment and testing instruments, and configure special vehicles for repair and maintenance services that are suitable for the scale of operation;

4.5 There are safety operation procedures formulated according to relevant national and municipal technical standards and laws and regulations, gas LNG filling station management system and emergency plan;

4.6 Have a sound management system and guarantee system for safety and quality, and have a sound job responsibility system;

4.7 has a complete business charter and standardized service standards.

5. Enterprises engaged in gas LNG filling stations shall establish sales documents for liquefied petroleum gas for vehicles and submit relevant reports to the municipal municipal management committee on a regular basis.

6. The annual inspection system for the operation qualification of the gas LNG filling station in this city is implemented.

Attachment: Beijing Municipal Automotive Gas LNG Refueling Station Enterprise Operation Qualification Application Approval and Annual Inspection Procedure

I. Declaration and approval procedures

1. The applicant applies in writing to the Gas Management Office of the Beijing Municipal Administration Commission 

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