Talent Concept

Enterprises are platforms, everyone is talent

Everyone is a talent, and everyone can be talented. In AUYAN's view, as long as the development of AUYAN is useful, we need talents, including not only management talents, technical talents, but also talents and geeks with a long skill. As long as you believe that everyone is a talent, and put everyone in the right position, people's potential can be fully exerted, and enterprises can be full of vitality.

AUYAN believes that recruiting talents should not be limited to the examination of skills and knowledge, but should be considered in terms of candidates' job-seeking motivation, personal qualities, values, self-awareness and role orientation. Different types of positions, quality requirements are not the same, everyone is talent, it depends on whether you can put the right people in the right position.

AUYAN uses the formula of success in life as the talent standard for “selecting Yuliu”. The result of life and work is determined by the product of the three elements of thinking, enthusiasm and ability.

The so-called abilities, including profession, skills, experience, and IQ, are innate qualifications and the ability to accumulate through the work or experience of the day after tomorrow.

The so-called enthusiasm refers to the enthusiasm of work and the degree of effort, which can be controlled by one's own will.

Ability and enthusiasm can each be scored from 0 to 100 points. If you use multiplication, those who feel that their abilities are average, but who are harder than anyone else can achieve better results than those who show off their ability and not work hard.

The way of thinking is the attitude towards life or work. It is the most important of the three elements. It can even be said that the way of thinking determines the work and results of life. Because it has positive and negative directionality, it can be from negative 100 points to positive 100 points. Different ways of thinking will lead to a 180-degree change in the results of life and work.

Therefore, while having the ability and enthusiasm, having the right way of thinking is more important than anything else.

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