Open Talents Reserve [Shandong Weifang Zhucheng]

Monthly salary 2.4K-3.5K | Recruitment 21~50 people | Full time | Age 20-25 years old | Experience: Fresh graduates |

Job responsibilities: 16-17 recent graduates and outstanding graduates with outstanding ability. Majors in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, energy and power engineering, gas engineering, etc.

Industry, accounting, English, marketing; as a reserve of group companies...

Job requirements: We like you like this: Down-to-earth and creative, love life, dare to take risks, love sports, love to read, have dreams, have love, about treatment: 2400-3200 trial period flexible salary mechanism, only to find partnerships, officers to start your business.

Tel: 18553692076 Manager Wang 0536-6151732 Human Resources Department

Open Marketing team [National]

Monthly salary 5000-10000, number of recruits: 20, full-time, age 20-30 years old, experience: no limit

Responsibilities: Responsible for the sales of LNG vehicle gas cylinders in the region and related service work;

Job requirements: College degree or above, good facial features, generous manners, good at talking, can adapt to work abroad, can go home every month off, reimbursement of catering, accommodation costs, loop fees.

Tel: 18553692076 Manager Wang 0536-6151732 Human Resources Department

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